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  Director, Prof. Giulio Greco

Giulio Greco is a Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Management His research interests are in the fields of financial accounting and reporting, disclosure and capital markets, risk reporting and sustainability accounting and reporting. He has published in international journals and presented research papers at international conferences. He also serves as reviewer for international academic journals.


 Career Consultant and Talent Developer, Riccardo Paterni

Riccardo has a degree in “Dynamics in Organizational Environments” from University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (USA). He attended the Master in Human Resources at the London School of Economics. He is an Organizational Development and Human Capital Consultant leading projects with mid-sized companies and multinational corporations worldwide. He has (co-)authored books and publications on Knowledge Management, Individual and Organizational Development. He is founder of the consulting firm Professione Lavoro ® in Italy, co-founder of Synergy Pathways in Mumbai (India) and member of Cecorex, a Colombian UN Global Compact affiliated non-profit organization.




 Class tutor, Giulia Riscossa


  Erica Cacciotti