The Department of Economics and Management participates in national and international research programmes, in cooperation with both academic and private institutions.
Our research activity includes scientific areas such as Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Control, Banking, Finance, Internal Auditing, Corporate Governance, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Strategy, Organization, Human Resources Management, Innovation & Technology Management, Emerging Economies.

The Department of Economics and Management offers high profile  Masters and Phd programmes with international partners.
Our approach to teaching results from a combination of traditional academic lessons, exercises, cases studies. We provide an effective learning experience that brings together up-to-date research and best practices from the business world.
Visiting Professors and Lecturers from top Universities and Business Schools, along with guest speakers from our Corporate and Professional Network, join the Department’s Faculty in graduate and post-graduate courses.

Course coordinators

Course coordinators are in charge of the management of each module.

They prepare the courses’ programme and coordinate professors, lecturers and guest speakers classes.

Course coordinators are also responsible for the individual and the group assessments

  • MARCO ALLEGRINI (Fundamentals of accounting)
  • ANTONELLA ANGELINI (Services management & merketing)
  • SILVIO BIANCHI MARTINI (Competitive strategy / Strategic decision-making in dynamic environments)
  • MARIACRISTINA BONTI (Human Capital Management I / II)
  • GIONATA CARMIGNANI (Operations & Supply chain Management)
  • NICOLA CASTELLANO (Financial planning and budgeting)
  • FEDERICA DE SANTIS (Big Data & Data Analytics)
  • GIUSEPPE D'ONZA (Risk management & Internal control)
  • DANIELE DALLI (Marketing principles / Marketing management)
  • ANDREA DELLO SBARBA (Fundamentals of management)
  • PAOLA FERRETTI (Understanding financial markets)
  • RICCARDO GIANNETTI (Cost management and profitability analysis)
  • ELISA GIULIANI (Responsible Management)
  • GIULIO GRECO (Financial Reporting and Analysis)
  • GIOVANNA MARIANI (Managerial finance)
  • RICCARDO PATERNI (Team building and personal development)
  • ALESSANDRA RIGOLINI (Corporate governance)         





Experienced managers and professionals from our Corporate and Professional Network join us as lecturers or guest speakers. They bring their contribution of great experience, introducing students to international business environments.