All the courses provide the pillars of business administration.
After the first course dedicated to team building and personal development, the programme deals with the basic competences in financial accounting and financial statements, marketing, corporate finance, financial markets, HR management, strategy, auditing and corporate governance, cost management and budgeting.

Finally, the courses of corporate entrepreneurship and responsible management show the new trends in the global markets.


- Team building and personal development

- Fundamentals of management 

- Fundamentals of accounting

- Competitive strategies

- Budgeting and financial planning

- Cost management and profitability analysis

- Marketing principles

- Understanding financial markets

- Managerial finance

- Operations & Supply chain Management

- Big Data & Data Analytics

- Human Capital Management I

- Human Capital Management II

- Strategic decision-making in dynamic environments

- Risk Management & Internal Control 

- Corporate Governance

- Leadership, influence and negotiations

- Marketing management

- Services management & marketing

- Responsible Management

- Corporate Entrepreneurship


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